Gwyn dy Fyd – Emyr Gibson

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Gwyn dy Fyd – Emyr Gibson

Emyr’s world turns around his children. Songs often hints at themes that we can all identify with, and the wonderful experience of becoming a parent is one we can all understand. In this song a new father praises his 6 month old child. There is of course joy and pride to hear and it’s time to consider the wider family and their relationship with the new arrival.  

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With the pandemic around us there is a special significance for any new life, which gives us cause to thank despite the current situation.This is Emyr Gibson’s first venture as a solo artist since he released an EP with his own band in 2007 called ‘Hey Ti’! He then released 2 CDs with his sister, Siân Wyn Gibson called ‘Belonging’ and ‘Friends’ before becoming a member of ‘Trio’ and releasing 2 more CDs – ‘Trio’ and ‘Cân y Celt’. He is the father of two young girls, Cai Eirlys who is now 2 years old and Eos Fflur who is 4, so he understands the meaning of this song completely.”I have been looking after them throughout this period of lockdown while my wife has been busy with her work. It’s been hard work, but we have become even closer through the experience “

Release date: July 3rd 2020