O Dan yr Wyneb

24 November 2023

Emma Marie’s second album will be released on October the twenty-fifth 2021 and this album is quite different to the first – ‘Deryn Glan i Ganu’ which was released in …

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O’r Dyffryn i Dre

24 November 2023

Phil Gas ar Daith o’r Cyfnod Clo The journey of this new album, like many records over the last period, has been a very winding path. Since releasing the last …

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Pwy Wyt Ti?

20 November 2023

The debut EP from this young artist from Caernarfon demonstrates the wealth of her musical talent This might be Alis’ debut EP, but it’s long awaited. The fruit of a …

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Ar gyfer heddiw’r bore

1 December 2020

‘Ar gyfer heddiw’r bore’ (‘For this very morning’) is a Welsh plygain carol, with the words written by David Hughes (Eos Iâl) in the nineteenth century. A very famous recording …

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Y fi yw’r goeden

10 July 2020

Following the success of her first long record ‘Clean Derive to Sing’ in 2018 Emma Marie has been very busy singing all over the country. There is particular praise for …

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Mesen Fach

28 October 2019

Tudur Huws Jones has now joined Phil Gas a’r Band as a full time member. He made a valuable contribution to several tracks on the album ‘O Nunlla’ and when it came …

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Cyrraedd y Cychwyn

28 September 2019

A New Beginning for John ac Alun 2018 was an important year for John and Alun, as they celebrated 20 years of their popular radio show. Since then the pair …

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Deryn Glân i Ganu

9 November 2018

A new, young artist has appeared in the world of country singing, with this first record showing that she has much to offer. There are 12 original songs here by …

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O Nunlla

28 September 2018

The first single by Phil Gas and his Band, ‘Seidar ar y Sul’ (Cider on a Sunday) was released in November 2017. It’s enormous popularity was the stimulus for the …

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Hir a Hwyr

28 July 2016

It’s 10 years since John and Alun released their last album, and as the title suggests, this release has been hotly anticipated. The reason for this delay was partly to …

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Awyr lach

20 November 2015

‘Awyr Iach’ – a breath of fresh air from singer songwriter Ynyr Llwyd Relaxing in the great outdoors amidst the hustle and bustle of busy life is the inspiration for …

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20 November 2014

A ‘comforting’ taster of things to come ‘Cysur’ (meaning comfort or reassurance) is a gorgeous, simple song, and as the title suggests, the words offer support to someone who might …

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Mynd dy ffordd dy hun

20 November 2013

An enthusiastic welcome for the new band The National Eisteddfod in Dinbych 2013 heralded a busy week for Ynyr llwyd, as the eisteddfod was visiting his home town. His appearances …

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Un Lleuad

20 November 2013

“Y Llwyd” on radio and on stage Bydd record newydd Ynyr Llwyd yn cael ei rhyddhau ar Orffennaf 29, ac am y tro cyntaf fe glywir band newydd Ynyr arni, …

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Rhwng gwyn a du

24 November 2009

Record celebrates life in all it’s glory ‘Not everything’s black and white’ as the saying goes. There’s a grey area that represents the complexity and the richness that makes our …

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Ffrindiau’r Wyddor

4 June 2009

Come to sing and play with…. Ffrindiau’r Wyddor (Alphabet Friends) Here is a great CD for young Welsh learners!! A collection of songs that introduce the letters of the Welsh …

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20 November 2008

Young Songwriter Ynyr Llwyd re-establishes the role of the piano On 6th October, Aran Records will be releasing ‘Cilfach’, the debut EP from singer/songwriter Ynyr Llwyd. The songs on the …

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