Llun Cor y Traeth
Llun Cor y Traeth
Mobile Recording Equipment

Location Recording

On location in a concert hall or church, we have the facilities to respond to any requirements.
Our mobile recording equipment includes the facility to record in either stereo or multi-track. This allows us to make use of some of the finest acoustic spaces which are most suitable for classically orientated music. It also allows us to make recordings in locations that are convenient for local choirs and bands.

Having made recordings in every corner of Wales and beyond, we are also able to advise on suitable venues. Many of these also come with fine pianos and organs. If a suitable instrument is not available we are happy to organise an instrument through our network of piano hire specialists. Another popular option (for lighter cross-over material) is to prepare backing tracks in the studio before singing ‘on location’ to these recordings using our playback system.