The Lark in The Clear Air


Martin with GuitarThe harp guitar, once popular at the turn of the twentieth century, is a guitar with an extra bass strings which when played ring free like a harp, they are un- fretted.This curious instrument has a growing international following and revival.The instrument has a four octave range. This lends itself very well to the traditional music themes presented on this album.

This collection was performed on a harp guitar created by Ralph Bown of York which is pictured alongside an original Larson Brothers ‘Symphony Dyer’ from 1912. All arrangements are by Martin himself if sometimes the bare melody is sufficient.

  1. Tegfan 1’55” Martin Pleass © Aran
  2. Marbne Luimni 2’26”
  3. Anji 2’26” Davey Graham © Robbins Music Corp.
  4. Si Bheag, Si Mhor 2’17”
  5. Martin's Guitars
    The Harp Guitar

    Fanny Poer’ 1’59”

  6. Planxty Irwin 2’11” Turlough O’Carolan, arr. Martin Pleass © Aran
  7. Blind Mary 4’07”
  8. Don Oiche Ud i mBeithil 2’25”
  9. The Lark in the Clear Air 3’00”
  10. Morfa’r Frenhines / The Queen’s Marsh 3’21”
  11. The Strayaway Child 4’32” Michael Gorman &
  12. Margaret Barry © Folktracks / Topic Records
    Suo Gân 2’54”

All tracks traditional, arranged by Martin Pleass © Aran unless otherwise indicated.

Release Date: October 23rd 2020

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