Deryn Glân i Ganu

A new, young artist has appeared in the world of country singing, with this first record showing that she has much to offer. There are 12 original songs here by Emma Marie, including ‘Robin Goch’, a song that is very familiar to Radio Cymru’s listeners on Saturday and Sunday evenings.


Songs to Inspire by a New, Exciting Voice

Emma decided to write this song after a difficult time following a great loss for her and her husband. “I did a simple accompaniment on the keyboard” Emma said “and put my song on Facebook where many people responded and loved it.”

Emma lives in Botwnnog, Llŷn and she has always enjoyed the music of ‘John and Alun’. Following a comment on Facebook, Alun was kind enough to organize and record ‘Robin Goch’. “I was delighted to record in Alun Roberts’s studio at his home in Tydweiliog. He went out of his way to help me get the song ready and arrange the accompaniment.”

Alun’s version of the song has had a great deal of radio coverage over the past year and has been a favorite with the listeners. With the resulting demand for more material Emma has continued to write and record new songs, this time with a band of session musicians, in Stiwdio Aran, Groeslon.

There are a number of lively, catchy songs such as’Fy Nghydwybod’and slower, atmospheric ballads such as ‘Ffrind Ffyddlon’. The influence of Amy Winehouse and Duffy’s music on songs such as ‘Yn dy freichiau’ and exciting latin rhythms in ‘Ble fuost di’n cuddiad’.

Just like that first song, the text of the songs comes from Emma’s experiences: “The songs are all about things that have happened in my life – love, loss, family life and dreams.” But there is also a definite message to the song that is also a title to the CD – ‘Deryn Glân i Ganu’.

“In our lives today, I feel that people are very willing to judge each other about personal things like appearance and clothing. Obviously there are many pressures in people’s daily lives: you might feel that you could have done something better, or regret that you have not been able to change something in your life. But the message is that everything happens for a reason; We can learn through our lives. Instead of putting people down, we need to support and help each other. Nobody is perfect.”

Release Date: November 9th 2018