O Dan yr Wyneb

O Dan yr Wyneb

Emma Marie's second album will be released on October the twenty-fifth 2021 and this album is quite different to the first - 'Deryn Glan i Ganu' which was released in 2018. There are a variety of songs that show the other side of Emma's character; the easy-going side, full of life and often funny. The first track 'Hogan Dre yn y Wlad' is an example of this; it discusses the comical difficulty faced by a young girl as she negotiates a rural path in the countryside. The last track is a duet with Phil Gas, and the title 'Hanner Call' (Half Insane) explains everything about it.

"Not gigging through the lockdown period has been very difficult for all of us as artists" said Emma, "but I have used that time to compose more songs".

This collection also includes ballads - 'Gweddi ger y lli', love songs - 'Clo Ar Dy Galon' and even a folk song - 'Llyncu'r Abwyd' which lists Pen Llŷn's most beautiful idioms.

"There is a song behind every experience in life" says Emma. "I've been through more experiences since the first album and you learn something new every day. That helps me personally to compose".

"Thank you to everyone who has left their mark on this album. Thanks to all the musicians for their fantastic and professional work: Ged Lynch, Huw Roberts, Sara Owen, Wyn Pearson, John Williams, Pwyll Ap Sïon, Emyr Rhys and Phil Gas of course!. Also to Alun Roberts for the arrangements, Dewi Wyn for the photos and Almon for designing the cover".

"Thank you very much to the listeners and everyone who has supported me, I hope you enjoy the album".