A ‘comforting’ taster of things to come

‘Cysur’ (meaning comfort or reassurance) is a gorgeous, simple song, and as the title suggests, the words offer support to someone who might be feeling a bit low.

Sometimes, when we are anxious, we can put ourselves into a negative frame of mind. This is reflected in the song by the suggestion of someone walking in the rain. Ynyr’s message in the song is that “if that’s what you want to do, then I’ll be there walking alongside you. You can wear my jacket, and I’ll hold your hand.”

Cysur Ynyr Llwyd clawr

It’s a simple, honest message, and is reinforced by the ambiguity surrounding the  individual in the song. It could be a lover, a family member, or a close friend, because we’ve all had feelings like this at some point in our lives. The track comes to an end in a wonderful melodic climax. It has a hint of American folk music, together with words that reassure and inspire –

“And when everyone is too busy
to listen, to listen…
I’ll be there to comfort you,
to listen and to support…”

Having become a married man in the Summer, and running his own business based in North Wales and Bolton, Ynyr is busier than ever. However, one thing is certain he says – “No matter how busy I am I still make time for songwriting! I get a lot of pleasure from preparing new material in the studio”.

Ynyr will soon be going to the studio again to record some further songs with his band. This song and his other recent singles – “Un Lleuad”and “Mynd dy Ffordd dy Hun”, together with new material will be released on a new EP, scheduled for release in the Summer of 2015.