Mynd dy ffordd dy hun

An enthusiastic welcome for the new band

The National Eisteddfod in Dinbych 2013 heralded a busy week for Ynyr llwyd, as the eisteddfod was visiting his home town. His appearances were numerous, from stands on the eisteddfod field to the performers stage and not forgetting his energetic performance on the main stage of the pavilon with his new band ‘Y Llwyd’ in support of Bryn Fôn.

Ynyr and the band were in the studio over the Summer and their first track was releases during the Eisteddfod week – ‘’Un Lleuad’’.

Clawr bach Mynd dy ffordd dy hun
Clawr bach Mynd dy ffordd dy hun

The song was chosen as the record of the week for the breakfast show on Radio Cymru during the eisteddfod week. Ynyr and the band are pictured below during their performance for the Welsh Language Society series of concerts in the town:

From left to right – Guto Rhys, Owain Rhys, Ynyr Llwyd and Aled Owen

On March the 17th, Ynyr and ‘Y Llwyd’ release their second single as a digital download. We hear the cultured sound of an experienced band in the song ‘Mynd dy ffordd dy hun’; a song that discusses the impact of a breakdown within a relationship. However this subject is far from a reflection of Ynyr’s own situation – amidst all his other activities he is preparing to get married in the Summer, so another busy year is in front of him.