Rhwng gwyn a du

Record celebrates life in all it’s glory

‘Not everything’s black and white’ as the saying goes. There’s a grey area that represents the complexity and the richness that makes our world such an interesting place. That’s the message behind the title of a new CD by Ynyr Llwyd, ‘Rhwng gwyn a du’ (Between black and white), that is being released by Aran Records on December the 1st.

His first CD, entitled ‘Cilfach’, included a number of beautiful piano ballads, and received a warm reception last year.

Rhwng Gwyn a Du front cover

This time Ynyr displays several other aspects of his abilities as a singer-songwriter with a collection that is a mixture of lively, exciting tracks together with some more melodious, contemplative songs.

“I’m keen to display that I’m a versatile musician and that I offer songs in several different styles. As the first CD was predominantly made up of piano ballads, this time I wanted to create something a bit more exciting and striking in the hope of extending my appeal to a wider audience”, says Ynyr.

Ynyr was made very aware of the value of life recently when he was involved in a serious car accident on the M56 whilst travelling to a gig. “I was really lucky to be able to walk away from the wreckage”, he says, “the car was completely destroyed”. He has a great deal of travelling to do at the moment as he sings for a ‘function band’ in engagements that take him all over Britain and occasionally abroad.

Track listing:
1. Twyllo dy hun
2. Un gusan
3. O ddrwg i waeth
4. Lle mae hi nawr?
5. Y Pysgotwr
6. Rhwng gwyn a du
7. Aros am wyrth

“I was signing in Dubai recently, and I’m lucky enough to be going back there over the New Year to sing in a seven star hotel, the Burj Al Arab! It’s interesting work and it’s certainly strengthened and extended my voice, but I now know how much care needs to be taken when travelling the motorways in poor weather!”

The accident happened whilst Ynyr was stil in the middle of recording the album, and it’s positive, aspirational nature is a fair reflection of Ynyr’s feelings at the moment. “An experience like that definitely makes you appreciate things a lot more. I’m very happy with the new CD, after all the hard work that’s gone into it’s creation”, he says.

There can be no doubt that music really runs through Ynyr’s veins, as he recently won the carol writing competition for this year’s Llangollen Xmas Concert. Indeed, he’s beginning to emerge as a major young Welsh talent, and “Rhwng Gwyn a Du” will certainly play a key part in his success.